GRAAT On-Line #8 - August 2010


Edited by Eric Athenot & Guillaume Cingal & Trevor Harris

1. Hélène Aji : Barrett Watten: "Poethics" and Historiography

2. Page Richards : The Topos of the Inexpressible and Self-Critique

3. Xavier Kalck : The Question of Sincerity in Objectivist Poetry

4. Guillaume Fourcade : "Wee are now againe at Plymouth quasi ply mouth": Self-referential Discourse and Poetical Folds in the Poems of John Donne

5. Marc Porée : "Poetheory" in A Defence of Poetry by Sir Philip Sidney: Ut poesis theoria

6. Caroline Bertonèche : "Negative capability" as a "gift for invention": On the positive contradictions of John Keats's poetic theory

7. Scott Levin : Wordsworth, Romantic Theory, and the Bridge to Postmodernism

8. Aurélie Thiria-Meulemans : Echoing against Echo: Wordsworth's Theory of Originality

9. Lucie Boukalova : The unquiet boundary, or the footnote: Auto-exegetic modes in (neo-)modernist poetry

10. Daniel Szabo : Eliot's Religious Ritual: From Aestheticism To Transcendence

11. Vincent Dussol : Lew Welch And Theory Or How Reading Gertrude Stein Impacted On A Beatnik Poet's (Views On) Poetry

12. Matilde Martín : Searching for Connection: Lyn Hejinian's Poetics of the Person

13. Jaap Van der Bent : Breaking Up to Make Up: Gregory Corso's Hidden Poetics

14. Manuel Brito : Interactions Of Practice And Theory In Charles Bernstein's "Artifice Of Absorption": Trancendentalist Accessibility And Challenge