GRAAT On-Line - Occasional Papers

Final Update March 2023


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Yannick Blec, Story of a Life: A Conversation with William Melvin Kelley


Jennifer Houdiard, Féminités urbaines: Superwoman, CosmoWoman et autres mythes contemporains dans les fictions télévisées, de New York à Barcelone


Lucie Bernard, Twilight Haters: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Internet Popular "Hatedom"


Pierre Guerlain, An American Dilemma: Can a Racial Plutocracy Export Democracy?


Carine Berbéri, British Trade Unions and European Monetary Issues (1970-2013)


Donna Andreolle, The Root of All Evil? Legacies of the "Old South" in True Blood


Anne Crémieux, Halloween, film épicène


Mokhtar Ben Barka, Originalité et utilité sociale de la religion civile américaine


Salwa Karoui-Elounelli, The (Pseudo)-Confessional Mode in Postmodern Fiction: The Diary of a Rapist and Mother Night


Mauro Spicci, An Elizabethan Voyage into the Human Body: The Purple Island (1633) by Phineas Fletcher


Jérémie Kroubo, A Comparative Study of Three Anti-Slavery Poems Written by William Blake, Hannah More and Marcus Garvey: Black Stereotyping


Éliane Elmaleh, Les artistes américains blancs contre le racisme dans les années 1930.


David Maillet, An Interview with Q. Allan Brocka, the creator of Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World.


Mathilde Arrivé, Post-Scriptum: Edward Curtis et The North American Indian (1907-1930) ou l'épilogue à l'exploration.


Pierre Guerlain, Fighting for the Hearts and Minds of American Jews: Identity Politics at the Crossroads of Domestic and Foreign Policy.


David Diallo, Representing the Dirty South: Parochialism in Rap Music.