GRAAT On-Line #3 - March 2008

Reading Thomas Pynchon's latest novel Against the Day

Edited by Gilles Chamerois

1. Gilles Chamerois : Introduction

2. Anne Battesti : A few remarks on Pynchon's "Applied Idiotics" in Against the Day

3. Bénédicte Chorier : Let the reader beware: the "Minor Adjustments of fiction" in Pynchon's Against the Day

4. Claro : Translating Pynchon

5. Jon Hackett : Freedom, force and space: Pynchon's politics of æther

6. Charles Hollander : Pynchon's Juvenilia and Against the Day

7. Paolo Simonetti : Like metaphor, only different

8. Peter Vernon : It's Just Not Cricket: Cricket as Metaphor in Thomas Pynchon's Against the Day

ISSN 1954-3220