GRAAT On-Line #13 - March 2013

Dynamics of Cultural Exchange in the English-Speaking World

Edited by Trevor Harris

1. Trevor Harris : Foreword

2. Andrew S. Thompson : Empire & Globalisation: a "Cultural Economy" of the British World

3. Alice Byrne : The British Council and the British World, 1939-1954

4. Patrick Lonergan : Drama, Authenticity and Globalization: Contemporary Irish Drama

5. Martine Pelletier : Brian Friel, Ireland and Globalisation

6. Raphael Costambeys-Kempczynski : British Invasion and the Breaking of America

7. Philip Whyte : Assimilation and rejection: the problematic of globalism in relation to post-colonial literature

8. Monia O'Brien Castro : De la cohésion antisociale : ou la colonisation inversée à l'ère du New Labour