GRAAT On-Line #2 - June 2007

Queer Readings of Television Series and Serials

Edited by Georges-Claude Guilbert & Sébastien Salbayre

1. Anthony Barthelemy : Who is that Masked Man?: (Homo)Sexual Dynamics in Interracial Buddy Television Series

2. Kimberly Campanello : Queerer Than Thou: Representations and Receptions of Genders and Sexualities in Showtime's The L Word

3. David Coad : The Trouble with Normal in Kath & Kim

4. Charlotte Gould : "Not That There's Anything Wrong with That": A Queer Reading of Seinfeld

5. Michael Hardin : Camp and the Sublimation of the Homoerotic in Male Action Television Series of the 1980s: Knight Rider and The A-Team

6. Anne Currier Sweet (Paris III) : Camp, Masquerade, and Subtext: The Subversion of Sexuality Norms and Gender Roles in Xena: Warrior Princess

7. Hélène Charlery : The Young and the Restless ou la plantation revue et corrigée (hors thème)(in french)

8. David Diallo : I am liberal! Analyse du discours sur l'homosexualité dans Curb Your Enthusiasm (in french)

9. Gilbert Pham-Thanh : Queering The Prisoner: tirer le bon numéro (in french)

IISSN 1954-3220